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IP 287513
call FP7-ICT-2011-7
SAPHARI is funded under the European Community's 7th Framework Programme
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Y4 - Sensitive skin on robots (SUN-UNINA) 966
Y4 - Sensitive skin complete demo (SUN-UNINA) 892
Y4 - Variable impedance control of redundant manipulators for intuitive human-robot interaction (UNINA) 979
Y4 - Visual servoing with safe interaction using image moments (UNINA) 890
Y4 - Control of generalized contact motion and force in physical human-robot interaction (UNIROMA1) 750
Y4 - Discrete-time redundancy resolution at the velocity level with acceleration_torque properties (UNIROMA1) 800
Y4 - Real-time computation of distances to dynamic obstacles with multiple depth sensors (UNIROMA1) 792
Y4 - Unilateral constraints in the Reverse Priority redundancy resolution method (UNIROMA1) 771
Y3 - Estimation of contact forces using a virtual force sensor (UNIROMA1) 1022
Y3 - Control of redundant robots under hard joint constraints_Saturation in the null space (UNIROMA1) 780
Y3 - A depth space approach for evaluating distances to objects (UNIROMA1) 733
Y3 - Sensor-based grasping of objects with close and wide range monitoring (IOSB) 917
Y3 - Data driven detection of hardware faults (IOSB) 968
Y2 - Cartesian impedance control of redundant manipulators for human-robot comanipulation (UNINA) 1243
Y2 - Visual servoing with obstacle avoidance (UNINA) 1230
Y2 - A reverse priority approach to multi-task control of redundant robots (UNIROMA1) 1056
Y2 - Sensitive skin first demonstration (SUN) 1366
Y1 - Experiments of integrated contact/proximity sensing (SUN) 1494
Y1 - Null-space impedance control with external torque observer (UNINA) 1801
Y1 - Task control with Remote Center of Motion constraint for minimally invasive robotic surgery (UNIROMA1) 1713
Y1 - Human-robot physical interaction and collaboration using an industrial robot with a closed control architecture (UNIROMA1) 2775
Y1 - Prioritized multi-task motion control of redundant robots under hard joint constraints (UNIROMA1) 1550
Y1 - Integrated control for pHRI: Collision avoidance, detection, reaction and collaboration (UNIROMA1) 1755
Y1 - Motion control of redundant robots under joint constraints: Saturation in the null space (UNIROMA1) 1519
Y1 - A depth space approach to human-robot collision avoidance (UNIROMA1) 1812
Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics (DLR)